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Odds and Ends Posted at 1:29 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

Raising the StonesIt’s been a few weeks since I last posted an update with new books.  We’ve been busy with site updates this last month so I had to put them on hold.  This latest addition is a bit thin with only eight new books but it does complete four series.

First up is Sheri S. Tepper‘s Arbai Trilogy:.  I’ve added Raising the Stones, the middle volume between 1990 Hugo and Locus nominee Grass and 1993 Campbell nom Sideshow.

For Michael Moorcock I added 2 books to complete The Dancers at the End of Time trilogy.  An Alien Heat and The End Of All Songs bookend  1976 BFS Winner, The Hollow Lands.  I looked high and low for synopsis and excerpts for these with no joy.  The older books are such a pain to find info for.

Tanith Lee‘s Tales from the Flat Earth series is now completed with the addition of three books: Delusion’s Master, Delirium’s Mistress and Night’s Sorceries.  Book 1 Night’s Master was nominated for the 1979 WFA and book 2, Death’s Master, was the 1980 BFS Winner.

Last, but not least, is His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman.  I added in the first 2 books of the trilogy: The Golden Compass and The Subtle KnifeThe Amber Spyglass was a double nominee in 1997 for the WFA and Locus Fantasy awards.

Until next time… Stay curious my friends. ™

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christopherw277   |   23 Nov 2009 @ 10:08

Loving this new logo/ graphic for the site. It’s simple yet attractive and captures the essence of WWEnd has to offer. Well done!

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