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2009 BSFA Award Shortlist Posted at 11:07 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

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The nominees for the 2009 British Science Fiction Association Award have been announced.  They are:

The winner will be announced at Eastercon, Odyssey 2010 in London.  You can get the entire list of nominees in all categories at the official BSFA web site.  Congrats and good luck to the all four authors, and congrats to Gollancz for grabbing 3 of the 4 spots!

So, has anybody read the nominess?  Which author/book do you think will win in April?  Which do you want to win?


Ryan F   |   04 Feb 2010 @ 08:19

It’s interesting to see the different ways these award nominating committees operate. PKD has 7 books, only one of which (Cyberabad Days) I had any inkling of its existence or its author. BSFA, on the other hand, nominated four books I had heard of, three of which I already had plans to read eventually (and the other is by Baxter, an author whose work I’m fairly familiar with). I can’t decide if PKD is reading more broadly and promoting hidden gems, or if they’re just being contrarian. I guess I’d have to read the books to figure it out.

Dave Post   |   04 Feb 2010 @ 16:57

Ryan, I know what you mean. I’ve read all the BSFA authors except Meiville (he’s on my list) and I’ve certainly heard of him. I’ve not even heard of some of the PKD authors. Four of them are new to the 10 best novel awards we cover here on WWEnd as well. That’s the exciting part for me. I tend to read from the authors on the site so now I have 4 more to choose from. I hope they’re hidden gems.

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