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2009 Nebula Awards Final Ballot Posted at 12:51 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

The Windup Girl The Love We Share Without Knowing Flesh and Fire

The City & The City Boneshaker Finch

The Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA) announced the 2009 Nebula Awards nominees.  They are:

The SFWA site has the complete list of nominees for all categories.


Ryan F   |   20 Feb 2010 @ 18:11

Does this mean that steampunk has officially taken over sf? 😉

Carl V.   |   21 Feb 2010 @ 10:42

As someone who likes steampunk, I’m happy to see it get some recognition. I am not thrilled with the idea that steampunk might become the next urban fantasy phenomenon though as I think that kind of thing ultimately waters down the genre and unfairly takes away from the talented writers who have already produced great steampunk works and those who will in the future.

Dave Post   |   23 Feb 2010 @ 22:57

I love the Steam Punk aesthetic but have never read any. Where does one start? Any recommendations?

Carl V.   |   24 Feb 2010 @ 10:36

Well, if you want to be up on the latest Nebula nominations I would encourage you to start with Boneshaker. It is a really nice story with steam punk elements. I’ve heard positive and negative things about The Affinity Bridge and also Scott Westerfield’s YA novel, Leviathan. Mostly good though. I personally am a fan of the Langdon St. Ives steam punk mysteries written by James P. Blaylock. Homonculus is the novel to start with in that series. There is a collection of the first two novels and a few short stories entitled The Adventures of Langdon St. Ives that Subterranean Press put out a few years ago.

Carl V.   |   28 Feb 2010 @ 14:57

Just finished the Barzak book and really enjoyed it. I doubt I’ll get to all of the novels on the list, but having read two thus far is generally two more than I’ve normally read before the awards are determined.

Dave Post   |   01 Mar 2010 @ 11:50

Carl, I think I’ll start with Boneshaker as you suggest. It’s getting lots of good press and I’ve not read Cherie Priest before so that’s a bonus.I’m the same way on the nominations lists. I rarely have read anything on the current list from year to year. I’m always reading the stuff from previous years or waiting to see what comes out on the lists before I buy the newest stuff.

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