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New Favorite Authors Posted at 8:25 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

Isaac Asimov Samuel R. Delany David Brin Jeff Carlson Nalo Hopkinson Vernor Vinge Tobias S. Buckell Greg Bear Catherine Asaro Gene WolfeMargaret Atwood Ray Bradbury Cory Doctorow Michael Chabon Minister Faust Neil Gaiman Iain M. Banks Jonathan Lethem Richard K. Morgan Connie Willis Poul Anderson Peter S. Beagle John Brunner Octavia E. Butler

Our main objective here at Worlds Without End is to bring you the best science fiction and fantasy books the genre has to offer. We’ve started by providing coverage of the top 10 "best novel" awards in the field. These books are the core of our growing database of over 1,700 books.

But we want to do more than just list the award winning books. We want to introduce you to some of the best authors around and get you to read them. Some are old favorites – giants in the field. Some you’ve heard of – the rising stars – but maybe never tried. Many you’ve probably never even heard of – new authors or those that have escaped your notice thus far. That’s where we want to help. WWEnd currently has 498 authors for you to explore and by the time award season is over we’ll have a couple dozen more.

We’re working on updating our author information all the time: writing up bios, finidng author pics and web links etc. like the 40 new videos we just added to the author pages. We’ve got almost 300 vids on our Author Videos page for you to watch. We’re also trying to get some more interviews lined up like the one we did with Rober J. Sawyer. There’s a lot of great information on those pages that you can use to find your next read so take a look around. You may just find a new favorite author along the way.

Just for fun: How many of the authors pictured above can you name and how many have you read?


Carl V.   |   12 Feb 2010 @ 00:07

I’ve read ten, but I couldn’t name that many. I recognized Gaiman, Wolfe, and Poul Anderson and Asimov, but had to cheat with the rest.

Dave Post   |   13 Feb 2010 @ 00:07

I’ve read 12 of the 24 pictured and might have known 6 of the pics if I hadn’t put the images there myself. Wolfe, Willis and Carlson are on my reading list already and probably Lethem too.

Fred VP   |   20 Feb 2010 @ 14:50

I spotted 6, and have read 7. I carry all but 2 or 3 in the store. There are definitely a couple ringers on that page, which keeps it fun!

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