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Recent Additions: Fantasy Masterworks Posted at 11:37 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

The Conan Chronicles, Volume 2: The Hour of the DragonThe Book of the New Sun, Volume 1: Shadow and ClawThe Chronicles of CorumThe Worm OuroborosThe Mark of the Beast

As promised, and a little ahead of schedule, the Fantasy Masterworks series is up.  This is of course a companion series to the SF Masterworks that went in earlier this week.  (Scroll down the page for more on that.)  There are some great books in this series, 50 in all, and again some great cover art to go with them.

Quite a few of these books are omnibus editions like The Conan Chronicles, Volume 1 and Volume 2 which include all of Robert E. Howard‘s Conan stories in chronological order.  You’ll find Gene Wolfe‘s classic Book of the New Sun series in a 2 volume set and omnibus editions of 2 classic Michael Moorcock series: The Chronicles of Corum and The History of the Runestaff.

Some of these books really are old-school fantasy classics.  Two books by Lord Dunsany, Time and the Gods and The King of Elfland’s Daughter, A Voyage to Arcturas by David Lindsay and The Worm Ouroboros by E.R Eddison come to us pre 1930.  Never really thought I’d be adding Rudyard Kipling to WWEnd but now he’s here with The Mark of the Beast, a collection of his strange and ghostly tales.  We’re gettin’ all respectable ’round here.

You know, I thought I had read a lot of fantasy in my time but I can only check off 2 books out of 50.  A rather poor showing.  I guess I was reading the wrong fantasy books.  How do you fare with the Fantasy Masterworks list?  Check it out and let us know what you think.


htaccess   |   05 Mar 2010 @ 16:16

Cool!Its hard to say how many I’ve read of these as I havent really read fantasy since I was a teen, I did pick up VIRICONIUM by M john Harrison a couple of years back but I found it heavy going which is interesting baecause I love his SF.The rest of the stuff i have read are all omnibus editions, so i guess I can claim to have read the book if i have read all the individual books. The only single books ive read it the broken sword by Poul Anderson, the anubis gates by powers and GLORIANA by moorcock. In the omnibuses ive read all the moorcock and the first in the book of the new sun and the lankmar series by leiber. Ones i think ive read all of but cant remember is all the conan the second books in new sun and lankmar and the amber series.That gives me either none (actual SF Master work editions) or 8 or 12. 🙂

Dave Post   |   06 Mar 2010 @ 13:17

htaccess: The omnibus editions don’t make it easy do they? I’d prefer they were nice and neat divisions myself. The Elric omnibus is only 2 books from the series for example. I’m surprised they did not collect them all in a couple volumes like the New Sun. Also, Lyonesse is a trilogy but the Masterworks version is only 2 volumes. Books 2 and 3 are smashed together.

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