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2010 Arthur C. Clarke Award Winner – The City & The City Posted at 3:49 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

The City & the CityThe winner of the 2010 Arthur C. Clarke Award for best novel has been announced.  The winner is:

The City & The City by China Miéville (Del Rey; Macmillan UK)

China is now the first author to ever win the Clarke three times and is understandably over the moon with the news pronouncing himself "absolutely gobsmacked" and "incredibly honoured" to win.

Congrats to China Miéville for another win.

The City & The City is really racking up the accolades having just won the 2009 British Science Fiction Association award it’s also still in the running for the 2009 Nebula and the 2010 Hugo and Locus Fantasy awards.

Incredibly, four of China’s books appear on the WWEnd Top Nominated Books of All-Time list.






Wintermute   |   29 Apr 2010 @ 05:43

The City and The City versus Bone Shaker, that’s what it is shaping up to be this year. Both are nominated for the Hugo, the Nebula, and each could come away with the Locus prize since they are split into the Fantasy and Science-Fiction categories, respectively. The only award remaining in which they are both eligible is the Campbell, correct? I know, I know… by saying the "only award remaining" I am slighting the British-based awards. I am a jerk, agreed. May I ask why The City and The City was nominated for a Fantasy award by Locus? Why are not both works in the same category? I don’t get it. Has anyone read both books yet? It appears that they are this year’s clear leaders. Can anyone compare the two? I hope they both get nominated for the Campbell, then they will each have a chance to be one of the most decorated science fiction books ever. (Though the possibility exists that neither book will win any award and then they will simply slip under the tides of history and not be remembered. Wow, that would be something. Today they are on the doorstep of joining the sci-fi cannon and then they split the votes, neither wins anything, and a few years from now nobody remembers them. That would honk.)

Wintermute   |   29 Apr 2010 @ 05:45

Again, what I did was to totally ignore the British awards that The City and The City has already won. I am a jerk. But I don’t count them because Boneshaker isn’t eligible – if I understand correctly.

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