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Space Shuttle Discovery Launch! Posted at 9:29 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

Amazing video footage taken from an airplane.  I’m in awe and feelin’ a bit sad that there are so few shuttle launches left.  Back to capsules atop rockets?  Really?


Emil   |   27 Feb 2011 @ 00:52

Amazing to think that once we could send men to the moon and back, slingshot around our satellite, even crash landing probes on Mars … and yet we can’t figure out any other sustainable way to send men into space apart from chucking them in a capsule on top of a ballistic missile 🙂 I guess we’ll be stuck on our planet for a while longer. Even more the reason to appreciate and take care of what we have.

Wintermute   |   27 Feb 2011 @ 12:45

It makes me terribly sad that we spend a tremendous amount of money on things that are not terribly important (I am of a particular political persuasion, you may be of another, but can we agree that there is tremendous waste?) and will not matter years into the future. A generation from now it won’t matter that we spent money on X. But I am certain if we spent it (smartly) on the space program and explored Mars and colonized the moon that the generation ahead of us would think it mattered. Long term (10 to 50 years), space exploration is really some of the most critical work we can be doing as a society.

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