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2010 Philip K. Dick Award Winner Posted at 2:34 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled JackHarmony

The 2010 Philip K. Dick Award winner has been announced at Norwescon 34 in  in Seattle.

The winner is: The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack by Mark Hodder

Special Citation goes to: Harmony by Project Itoh.

Congrats to Mark Hodder and Project Itoh and to all the nominees!

What do you think of the results? I’ve heard good things about Spring Heeled Jack (check out jynnantonnyx’s review) but nothing about Harmony. Anybody read it?


M D Terry   |   23 Apr 2011 @ 16:52

A very surprising but excellent choice. I never would have guessed this book would have been selected. It was enjoyable to read although it does tend to drag along in some spots.

Emil   |   24 Apr 2011 @ 04:18

I predicted it will win just because of the stunning cover art 🙂 After my holiday reading, which includes the colossal "A Game of Thrones" I’ll take on "Jack". In the meantime I’ve also purchased the sequel to "Jack", featuring more awesome art. Strange how I’m becoming emerged into the fantasy genre of late (thanks to WWEnd for highlighting the best of the best) – I no longer suffer from a bias towards hard-sf per se 🙂

Rhonda   |   25 Apr 2011 @ 16:45

I must admit I bought it for the cover and for the unlikely pairing of Swinburne and Burton. I liked it more than I expected. Although as with most time travel books, I was developing paradox headache by the end.

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