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2011 Hugo Award Nominees Posted at 8:22 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

BlackoutCryoburnThe Dervish HouseFeedThe Hundred Thousand Kingdoms







The nominees for the 2011 Hugo Award have been announced at Renovation, the 69th World Science Fiction Convention in Reno, Nevada.  They nominees for Best Novel are:

See the press release for the complete list of nominees in all categories.  Congratulations to all the nominees.

What do you think of this lineup?  The Dervish House makes headlines again this weekend with the Hugo nod to go along with the BSFA win yesterday.  It’s looking like I may have to give it a go.


Mattastrophic   |   25 Apr 2011 @ 00:27

Dervish House seems to be making big waves. I’ve never read any Ian McDonald, but I’ve read both good and bad books that take the whole separate-yet-interconnected-storyline bit, so I’m a bit leery, but after seeing that it won the BSFA award and is nominated for the Hugo I guess I need to give it a shot!

Emil   |   25 Apr 2011 @ 03:38

Mhmm, I’m not surprised that Willis and Bujold featured. "Feed" is a surprise, though. It’s a book that wasn’t on my horizon at all.I have already obtained "Kingdoms" from the Nebula list and am looking forward to reading it – it does seem to draw a wide range of responses. This may just be the year for McDonald, and well-deserved it would be. I’ve recently read "Brasyl" and enjoyed the premise. I will be collecting all his books based on this reading experience, although it did took me some time to get ‘into’ the book. There is a literary quality to his writing that I fully appreciate, as opposed to Bujold and Willis’ minimalistic but apt storytelling ability. Mira Grant will be new reading experience – I have no idea what it is about, hopeful that there be zombies 🙂

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