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Worlds Without End is going to Worldcon! Posted at 8:23 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

WWEnd logoThat’s right, the team here at WWEnd, Chris (whargoul), Rico (icowrich), Liz (Battlestar) and your’s truly, are going to Renovation, The 69th World Science Fiction Convention in Reno, Nevada in August. We’re very excited to say the least. We’ve got our Hugo Voter Packets, very nice by the way, and we’re looking forward the Hugo presentation, the programming, meeting some authors and just mixing it up with other SF/F fans. Not to mention the gambling.

But it’s not all about fun and games, though we’ll try to get in as much of both as we can. No, we actually have a plan. We’ve got a fan table and we’re going to demo Worlds Without End to unsuspecting passers-by. The goal is to get the word out and drum up some new members. Just last week we passed 1,000 members, thank you all very much, and we’d like to see that number climb further – and faster. More members makes a better site for everybody. It means more reviews and participation, better novel tagging which improves our sub-genre search, and more folks talking sci-fi and fantasy. That’s what we’re all about, you know.

Anyway. we’re not really sure what to expect, since this is our first con, but we’ll have a big screen TV to do the demo and a couple laptops so folks can signup on the spot. I hope the internet connection is decent. As an incentive, we’ve created a set of 5, limited edition, WWEnd bookmarks as giveaways for anybody that signs up. Not a huge deal but t-shirts are expensive and they ARE pretty cool bookmarks. Even if you don’t read physical books anymore.

So, if you’re going to be at the convention make sure you come by our table. We’d love to meet some of our members face to face and talk a little treason. You can get some free bookmarks to boot! So, anybody going to be in Reno come August 16th?  Any tips for Reno?

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Thomas Baughman   |   25 Jul 2011 @ 23:43

Very cool. I am envious of your luck

Emil Jung   |   26 Jul 2011 @ 01:17

I’m officially jealous. Have a great time!

Kay   |   26 Jul 2011 @ 02:06

Count me in on the jealous side!

Mattastrophic   |   26 Jul 2011 @ 11:27

Ditto. Sounds sweet. Take plenty of pictures! Particularly ones of WWEnd being demo’d!

Dave Post   |   26 Jul 2011 @ 12:05

Yeah, I guess I should have mentioned that we’re going to blog it daily with pics and news etc. so you guys can follow along here.

Thomas Baughman   |   26 Jul 2011 @ 15:56

Ist there any way that some of us who can’t go can get in on those bookmarks?

Dave Post   |   26 Jul 2011 @ 16:35

@Thomas Baughmam: Ah, I was wondering if anybody was going to ask that. We printed 10,000 bookmarks, 2k for each of the 5 designs. The price diff between 5k and 10k was small enough that we went to the higher number so we wouldn’t run out. We’re hoping to pass out more than half at the Con but we really have no idea how many we’ll use up. A thousand new members would be pretty bitchin’! Whatever we have left over we’ll mail out to any member that wants a set and sends us a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Thomas Baughman   |   29 Jul 2011 @ 01:32

@Dave Post: I’ll get back to you after Worldcon about the Bookmaks.

Wintermute   |   29 Jul 2011 @ 06:39

Not only is the event something exciting to look forward to but the location too! Let’s not forget that the mysterious deserts of Nevada are the setting of all manner of science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories involving zombies, extra-dimensional technologies, and para-beings from alternate universes. I suppose the odds say that our intrepid WWE admins will experience nothing more eventful than a dipsomaniac instigated donnybrook. But I believe there is a gambler’s chance that they’ll need to use those extra bookmarks to bargain their way back to 21st-century Earth. Either way, I expect updates to the blog.

Emil   |   05 Aug 2011 @ 04:25

I think you should also get on Twitter and send us updates, impressions and pictures. All within 140 characters, of course :)

Dave Post   |   05 Aug 2011 @ 08:16

@Thomas Baughman: The bookmarks are in and they turned out really great! I’ll post instructions and my address in the forum later today so you and anyone else who wants a set can get ‘em. @Wintermute: I plan on spending quite a bit of time in the bar but hopefully no donnybrooks. At least not physical ones. I’ve also budgeted for the casinos so gambling will occur though probably not with inter-dimensional beings – unless folks in Reno are weirder than I thought. @Emil: We’ll be tweeting and blogging and posting pics for sure. Going to try to make the most of this trip.

Thomas Baughman   |   07 Aug 2011 @ 20:44

@Dave Post: I have not benn able to find any instrucrtions on how to obtain those bookmarks.

Dave Post   |   07 Aug 2011 @ 21:27

@Thomas Baughman: Details are in the forum now. Sorry about the delay. Look in Welcome to Worlds Without End! -> New Features & News -> WWEnd is Going to Worldcon!

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