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Celebrity Story Time with George R. R. Martin Posted at 12:28 AM by Jonathan McDonald


What more needs to be said?


Mattastrophic   |   16 Mar 2012 @ 19:50

That…is excellent!

Dave Post   |   16 Mar 2012 @ 20:16

I love the tangent on the food. That is spot on!

Mattastrophic   |   17 Mar 2012 @ 02:01

I tried showing this to someone else who had NOT read Martin…and the effect was underwhelming. I guess you have to have experience with Martin’s writing to get why this is clever and not just random.

Jeremy   |   29 Mar 2012 @ 00:33

Yeah I still need to get to Martin so I don’t think I got the full effect, but it seems like I need to move him up in the TBR pile.

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