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Addled by the Adler Posted at 1:31 PM by Rico Simpkins


Those of you who are attending this year’s Worldcon in Chicago probably already know about the opening night event at the Adler Planetarium.  If you don’t, then maybe this news will be enough to entice you to come join us.  If you do attend, please come visit us at the fan tables section!  In the meantime, enjoy this little video I found about the attraction.  Although the Adler is stuffed with state-of-the-art shows and interactive exhibits, the main attraction to me is the history of the building itself.  It is the oldest planetarium in North America, and has an impressive collection of antique observational equipment.  Steampunk fans, rejoice!

From the Chicon 7 web site:

Chicago, Illinois, USA – Chicon 7, the 70th World Science Fiction Convention (“Worldcon”), will offer its members a spectacular opening night event at the Adler Planetarium.

On Thursday, August 30, Chicon 7 will be taking over the Adler Planetarium for an evening reception for convention members. This exclusive event will run from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m., during which time the museum will be closed to the general public.

During the reception, Chicon members can view the museum exhibits. In addition, the Grainger Sky Theater will be running the show “The Searcher” every 30 minutes. This show was written by Nick Sagan (son of astronomer Carl Sagan) and follows the story of a visitor from another galaxy as he searches for his lost civilization. It features stunning visualizations of the formation of our universe, the collision of galaxies, a spectacular supernova explosion, and a supermassive black hole. (Seating in the theater is limited, so there will be a $5 charge for admission to this performance.) Weather permitting, the museum will also host a sky-viewing session on its exterior deck, with telescopes and docents provided to members so they can see the wonders waiting in the night sky.

Museum campus parking will be available, and shuttle buses will run between the Adler Planetarium and the Hyatt Regency throughout the evening.

About the Adler Planetarium:

The Adler Planetarium was the first modern planetarium in the Western Hemisphere and first opened to the public on May 12, 1930. The museum houses extensive exhibits on space science including one of the world’s most important antique astronomical instrument collections. The Adler is also a recognized leader in science education, with a focus on inspiring young minds to pursue careers in science. The museum sits on the extreme edge of Chicago’s “museum campus” and is located on an artificial island.

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Scott Laz   |   16 Aug 2012 @ 12:26

I lived in the Chicago area for a couple of years as a kid (age 9-10), and trips to the planetarium are one of my strongest/fondest memories of the time. I associate it with my earliest explorations of science fiction and science in general. If you’re lucky enough to be going to Chicon, don’t miss it!

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