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Mars Descent in Beautiful HD Posted at 3:49 PM by Rico Simpkins


Remember that very cool, but highly pixelated postage stamp sized video of the heat shield separating from our latest Mars lander?  It didn’t look so crappy because NASA couldn’t afford good cameras.  Rather, they didn’t have the bandwidth to send all those frames on the first day.  Several dozen MRO, Mars Express, and Odyssey pass bys later, we have a spectacular HD video.

Make sure you maximize this video before watching it.  Better yet, port it to your television.  It’s THAT awesome.


Dave   |   21 Aug 2012 @ 14:20

The awesome just keeps coming. Check out this panoramic of Curiostiy on Mars!

icowrich   |   22 Aug 2012 @ 15:02

That’s bad ass.

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