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Hello World! Posted at 4:59 PM by Rico Simpkins


Welcome to our first WordPress driven blog post!

Normally, when we announce new updates to the site, it’s something (we think is) exciting and new, like a new interactive book-tracked list, a cool reading contest, a nifty way to rank authors, or (my favorite) BookTrackr.

This time, however, we have announcement that is both exciting and mundane.  Yes.  That’s right.  Worlds Without End has finally ditched its 1990s-style blogging/commenting engine (you know, the one that made you type twisted captcha words and blew up if you used the wrong keys from, you know, your keyboard) in favor of WordPress.  Yes.  We know.  WordPress has been around probably longer than WWEnd has.

So…no.  This news isn’t exactly cutting edge.  It does, however, mean that our blog will act like every other blog you know, which means we can clip some of those dissertation length posts, and the interface won’t have those eccentricities that get in your way.  So, huzzah!

BTW, relatively invisible changes (like this WordPress transition) are much much harder to do than the whiz-bang interactive stuff that people like so much.  I know it seems like BookTrackr would be harder to make (from scratch) than integrating a plug in blog, but Chris (our hard working tech guru, a.k.a. Whargoul) begs to differ.  So, thanks to Chris, Jonathan and Dave for ensuring that I never have to edit apostrophes out of my comments (or guess at captcha words) again!

Do bear with us as any new site feature, such as this, will require a learning curve on our part.  We will be tweaking it over the coming weeks.

UPDATE:  If you’re having any difficulties with your RSS feed reader, here is the link to the new feed:


Emil   |   02 Aug 2012 @ 10:56

Wow, well done. I’m just happy that we can use apostrophes now.

Ellie   |   02 Aug 2012 @ 20:50

Yay! I use WordPress myself and love it.

icowrich   |   03 Aug 2012 @ 00:40

We’re still WordPress newbies, Ellie, so feel free to send advice our way.

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