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1,000 Book Reviews and Still Going Strong! Posted at 10:57 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

It seems that every couple of weeks or so we hit a new milestone around WWEnd. Most are small ones that we celebrate quietly amongst ourselves with a quick text or high five or fist bump when we see each other. Like when we hit 400 blog posts or 10,000 Twitter followers or some record number of new visitors in a single day.

Some are big milestones that deserve a little celebration, which with this crew usually means a trip to the bookstore then to the pub for a few beers. These include things like when we hit 1,000 members – then again at 1,500 – or, more recently, when we hit that magic 100 then (gasp!) 150 GMRC participants – that was an especially sweet one considering we only expected to get 50 or so.  That of course led to 500 (and now over 600) books read for the challenge and a staggering 184 reviews so far. That makes me grin just typing that one.

All of these milestones make us feel like we’re doing something right and keep us motivated to reach higher and keep improving. But more importantly, all of them are centered around you, our members and visitors. We built this site to share our passion for SF/F/H books with other fans out there and your enthusiasm and commitment to helping us make it a better site has made it a real community project.

Last Saturday we passed a major milestone that’s all about our community: one thousand reviews! Holy shit, that’s a lot of reviews! But, more than that, it’s a lot of great reviews. Sure we’ve got some what I’ll call “short opinion pieces” that would fit in a tweet like “The most boring book I’ve ever read.” or, one of my favorites, “Sorry. The movie is better. Not sorry.” but the vast majority of them are much more informative and entertaining. Those 1,000 reviews come courtesy of 125 members from all over the world who put a great deal of care and effort into writing the best reviews they can. We’d like to say thank you to all of them for their contributions and give mad props to our Top 10 Reviewers:

charlesdee 1. Charles Dee Mitchell (charlesdee)
135 reviews
divinenanny 2. Sara (divinenanny)
97 reviews
allie 3. Allie McCarn (allie)
84 reviews
valashain 4. Rob Weber (valashain)
49 reviews
Triseult 5. Daniel Roy (Triseult)
48 reviews
Emil 6. Emil Jung (Emil)
43 reviews
Mattastrophic 7. Matt Wiles (Mattastrophic)
37 reviews
wmfontaine 8. Donald Adamson, Jr (wmfontaine)
30 reviews
Scott Laz 9. Scott Lazerus (Scott Laz)
26 reviews
jfrantz 10. Jeremy Frantz (jfrantz)
21 reviews

Thanks again to everyone for all the great reviews and here’s to the next milestone, whatever that turns out to be!


icowrich   |   24 Sep 2012 @ 18:25

It looks like half our reviews came from these top 10 contributors. Congrats to you all, and thanks so much.

Jeremy F   |   24 Sep 2012 @ 22:57

That is a huge number! And this means you have to celebrate by doing 1000 of something…right?!

Lisa W   |   25 Sep 2012 @ 13:49

That’s a big achievement! Looking forward to reading many, many more. Congratulations.

icowrich   |   25 Sep 2012 @ 13:49

BTW, the road in the pic is paved with good intentions.

Dave Post   |   25 Sep 2012 @ 18:08

@icowrich: I hadn’t even noticed that but you’re right! Well done all over again to our top 10.

@JeremyF: I did read at least a thousand words that day. Not sure what else I would do a thousand times that I’d want to do. Remember to keep it clean folks 😉

@ LisaW: Thanks so much! Glad you’re reading ’em. Have you considered becoming a WWEnder? There’s always room for one more.

@icowrich: I hate to think where that road is bound!

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