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Proof That Voldemort Lives Posted at 6:49 AM by Rico Simpkins


The Miami Herald is reporting that the mom-porn novel 50 Shades of Grey is now outselling Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by more than two to one.  That is all.

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Jeremy F   |   12 Sep 2012 @ 21:03

That is the worst news ever…

Emil   |   13 Sep 2012 @ 06:40

Nope, worst news ever is that the mom-porn novel can be found in the sf/f section of my local bookshop.

whargoul   |   13 Sep 2012 @ 14:46

I’d feel better about it if the versions being purchased were of the Gilbert Gottfried audio book :)

icowrich   |   16 Sep 2012 @ 12:53

Emil: Apparently, it has SF/F roots. The story was originally written as Twilight fanfic. Strange but true.

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