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Six Clips from The Hobbit, Precious Posted at 5:17 PM by Dave Post

Dave Post

Entertainment Weekly has posted 6 clips from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey so you can spoil the movie for yourself if you like.

Thanks to for the links.


Jeremy F   |   06 Dec 2012 @ 22:01

I watched one and couldn’t bear to spoil any more. Thanks though. Sadly, I remain a little nervous about the quality of this one…

Dave Post   |   07 Dec 2012 @ 15:17

If you only watched the goblin chase sequence I can see why you’re worried. That’s by far the weakest of the clips. I don’t care for that one at all. The goblins are really lame and the action is not very realistic or very exciting. The other clips are better though how the warg didn’t kill a dwarf or two in that scene is a joke. I think the goblins went to Storm Trooper school to learn how to fight.

Jeremy F   |   08 Dec 2012 @ 22:44

I watched “I wasn’t talking to you”. I think I’ve seen one or two other trailers and it seems like there’s some humor which always has the possibility to fall flat, but then maybe the trailers are just calling extra attention to it. Gollum is great and looks funny, but some of the dwarf scenes look like they have the potential to be questionable? I’m hopeful though.

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