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WWEnd Grand Master Reading Challenge: November Review Poll Posted at 4:52 PM by Dave Post

Dave Post

Grand Master Reading ChallengeThis is the penultimate GMRC review poll! For November we featured 6 GMRC reviews in the blog and it’s time again to cast your vote for the best.

Remember, you don’t have to be a GMRC participant to vote and the poll will remain open until December 15th so you have plenty of time to read any reviews you missed.

Winner gets the following:

  • GMRC T-shirt – your choice of colors so long as it’s black
  • GMRC button – you can never have too much flair
  • Set of WWEnd Hugo Award bookmarks guaranteed to hold your place in any paper book.
  • Book of your choice from the WWEnd bookshelf – winner gets a list of titles to pick from
  • Everlasting Glory – So you’ll have that goin’ for ya. Which is nice.

Runners up will get a GMRC button and a set of bookmarks. Thanks to all our reviewers and good luck!

And back, by popular demand, is RhondaK101 with the latest stats.

Authors with the most books read:

Authors with the most different titles read:

Books most frequently read:


Jeremy F   |   04 Dec 2012 @ 18:52

It’s going to be hard to decide, these were all great!

Allie   |   06 Dec 2012 @ 08:54

Yeah, I think I will have to re-read them all to decide who to vote for, they were all good reviews! Will there be another themed reading challenge for 2013? This whole year of Grand Master reviews has been a lot of fun!

Dave   |   06 Dec 2012 @ 10:20

Most definitely! The GMRC has been tons of fun, and the reviews have been top notch. Much more successful than we dared hoped in fact. Now we’ve got to try and top it next year! We’re working on the behind the scenes bits now for the the 2013 challenge. Look for an announcement to come in a few weeks with all the details.

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