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2013 John W. Campbell Memorial Award Winner Announced! Posted at 10:41 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

Jack GlassThe 2013 John W. Campbell Memorial Award winner was announced in an award ceremony last night at the 2013 Campbell Conference in Lawrence, Kansas.  The winner is Adam Roberts for his book Jack Glass.  There has been no official press release as yet so no word on which books came in 2nd and 3rd place.  We’ll update this when we get that info.

This is the second win for Jack Glass which also won the 2012 British Science Fiction Association Award.  What do you think of this result?  It was a strong field of finalists including the likes of the multiple award winning 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson and books by the late Iain M. Banks, David Brin and China Mieville.  No stranger to awards are they.




justifiedsinner   |   16 Jun 2013 @ 09:32

Who won the second and third prizes?

Dave Post   |   16 Jun 2013 @ 11:17

Still no update on the Campbell web site and I can’t find that info anywhere else at the moment either. I guess they’re all still enjoying the festivities and the update will come tomorrow.

Cassandra   |   20 Jun 2013 @ 12:03

I picked up this book because the cover was so interesting and the plot sounded just as interesting. **SPOILER** We know Jack Glass is a murderer, but why and how? Is it justified? Should we be sympathetic or not? I made it through the first story in the book and it was fantastic but gruesome. I’m still waiting to start the next one as I fear it will be just as gruesome 🙂

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