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Around the World in 30 Gigs Posted at 1:54 AM by Rico Simpkins


Project Loon sounds like the premise of a science fiction novel, but it’s already being tested:

Google ran its first public test last weekend, in New Zealand, sending 30 balloons into the sky and offering 60 lucky volunteers 15 minutes of balloon-based Internet access. Smaller, private tests were conducted in California and possibly elsewhere.

The company says that “over time” it intends to set up similar pilots in countries with the same latitude as New Zealand (40th parallel south). It hasn’t provided any timeline for these pilots.

And to think, until now, I only envied those Google Fiber towns…

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whargoul   |   21 Jun 2013 @ 14:37

That’s really cool, I’ve been haphazardly following that on Google+ ( I’m curious as to what kind of bandwidth and such they get with it.

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