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Weird Tales Magazine – Issue No.2 (or 361) Posted at 2:13 PM by Dave Post

Dave Post

Weird Tales #361Weird Tales magazine are publishing their 2nd issue since their recent re-launch this Friday. The publisher, film maker and director John Harlacher and editor in chief Marvin Kaye, playwright, author and anthologist, are taking the magazine back to its roots. Each new issue has a mixture of themed and non-themed fiction.  This newest issue has “Fairy Tales” as it’s theme with fiction by Peter S. Beagle and Tanith Lee and non-fiction by Darrell Schweitzer.  Check out the full table of contents for details.

You can pick up issue No.1 (or 360) as an ebook for only $2.99 from their website to get a taste for cheap or you can subscribe for a full year for only $20 which is 30% off the instore cover price.  Not bad at all.  It’s very cool to see an old respected title like this coming back into circulation and it looks like they mean to do things right with this re-launch and are going all out to bring in big name writers so go ahead and take a look and tell your friends too.

Thanks to Doug Draa for the heads-up.

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Emil   |   13 Jul 2013 @ 11:44

Great, best news this week!

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