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2,000 Book Reviews and Still Counting! Posted at 1:53 PM by Dave Post

Dave Post

2000Last week we officially passed 2,000 member submitted book reviews on WWEnd!  This is an exciting new milestone for the site and our growing community of members but what makes this an especially sweet benchmark is that it’s not just about the volume.  These are some high quality reviews we’re talkin’ ’bout.  Our members have been putting in some real effort and have been pushing each other to write better and better reviews and it certainly shows.

And that quality has continued to climb as our membership has grown –  in part because many of our new members are old hands in the review game.  They cut their teeth writing on their own blogs and after joining our ranks very kindly added their back catalog of reviews to the site.  They’re leveraging some deep content that may get overlooked on their own sites and giving those reviews some new life by introducing them to other WWEnd readers.  That’s a win for everyone.

Of course, we can’t talk about reviews without talking about the Women of Genre Fiction Reading Challenge.  We laid down the gauntlet and you’ve responded with a whopping 491 reviews in under 9 months!  That’s damn near a quarter of our reviews and that number is only going to go up as the challenge winds down and everyone scrambles to finish out strong.  2013ReviewStatsWe could easily see 600+ reviews by the time it’s all over.  That’s impressive, folks.  And look what that’s done for our gender balance!  One of the reasons we started the WoGF was to help us right the overall balance of male to female-authored books on the site.  We knew if the challenge got some traction in the community the reviews would follow and boy did they!

You can see by the graph that we’ve been garnering many more reviews of books by women than by men this year.  This has gone a long way to helping us achieve our goal.  As it stands right now we have 1,283 reviews for male-authored books and 764 for female-authored books.  Of those 764 reviews, 564 have been submitted this year including the 491 for the WoGF.  That’s a significant improvement from where we were and a clear indication we’re headed in the right direction.

Those 2k+ reviews are spread out across 1,063 books and you can check out our Books Reviewed on WWEnd list to see ’em all in one place.

Thanks to our members for all the great reviews!  Your work is helping to make WWEnd the genre book resource we all want it to be.


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Emil   |   24 Sep 2013 @ 11:55

Awesome! The reading challenges have all helped a lot. I’m already looking forward to what will be ongoing next year!

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