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Jo Fletcher Fridays: The Detainee by Peter Liney Posted at 10:44 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

After a long – and unintended – hiatus, Jo Fletcher BooksJo Fletcher Fridays is back – and back with a bang!  This week we have what looks like a wicked good dystopian novel from debut author Peter Liney called The Detainee.  This is the first book in a new trilogy that came out in July in the UK but won’t be available in the US until March of next year so this is a great chance to get it early in the states.  We’ve got 1 hardcover and 3 trade paperbacks to give out so you have 4 chances to win.

You know the drillre-tweet this tweet, share it on Facebook or comment here in the blog to enter the contest. Do all three and triple your chances! We’ll have a drawing and announce the winners next Monday so tweet away.  First name out of the bag will get the hardcover edition.

The DetaineeThe Detainee
by Peter Liney

When the fog comes down and the drums start to beat, the inhabitants of the island tremble: for the punishment satellites – which keep the tyrannical Wastelords at bay – are blind in the darkness, and the islanders become prey.

The inhabitants are the old, the sick, the poor: the detritus of Society, dumped on the island with the rest of Society’s waste. There is no point trying to escape, for the satellites – the invisible eyes of the law – mete out instant judgement from the sky.

The island is the end of all hope – until ‘Big Guy’ Clancy finds a blind woman living in a secret underground warren, and discovers a reason to fight.


What people are saying:

“An impressively dark, dystopian piece with much to say about capitalism’s tendency to treat human beings as commodities, disposable when no longer useful.” – Financial Times.

“I am impressed with the high impact story that Peter Liney has managed to create in The Detainee, it’s unique concept and excellent writing will leave this story in the back of my mind for a long time.” – The Book Plank

Peter LineyAbout the Author:

Peter Liney was born in Wiltshire, UK, though he has spent a lot of his life travelling, with Australia and Thailand occasionally acting as his second home. His list of occupations is embarrassingly long, everything from teaching English to two days as a trainee stuntman (he gave up, thought it was too dangerous). He loves photography, music – both listening to and playing, and is a great movie lover. Which is possibly why he has been accused of not writing books at all, but ‘movies in a book form’.

If he wasn’t a writer, he would’ve loved to have been an opera singer, so we should all be grateful for his writing success.

We’ve got a book trailer and an excerpt to give you a taste of what Liney has cooked up for us so click the cover image to visit the novel page. It’s a brutal future world but there is always hope. Keep that in mind when you read the excerpt. This one is on my list for sure. Let us know what you think in the comments and good luck in the contest. Check back Monday for the results.

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bazhsw   |   12 Oct 2013 @ 05:01

Looks right up my street

Thomas Baughman   |   14 Oct 2013 @ 14:16

Looks interesting

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