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Game of Thrones Season 4: Trailer #1 Posted at 8:09 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

So this look pretty good. I’m actually really excited by this season since they’re getting into parts of the story that I have not read. Which means I won’t have to patiently explain everything to my wife before it happens. She’s the kind of person who reads the synopsis and reviews of the episode before watching so she’ll know what to expect. Sorry, Honey, I don’t know this part at all. Bliss.


Emil   |   13 Jan 2014 @ 12:50

It is truly one awesome series, both the square box and the collection box set! I finished A Dance with Dragons very recently and felt a severe sense of lost. Previously I could read the series knowing the next volume is already waiting … now, sadly, I’ve caught up and have to wait with everyone else for the next installment. In the meantime, it’s Season 1 through 3 on DVD!!

The Young One is going to school and hostel this week, which leaves me with ample DVD time to watch without being scared of him catching a glimpse.

Rico Simpkins   |   16 Jan 2014 @ 08:47

Those dragon shadows look MASSIVE. I didn’t think they were that fully grown at this point in the books.

Ed Rybicki   |   16 Jan 2014 @ 10:33

I discovered the books just before the series came out – and read them in one continuous stream, until…until…until there were no more!! How could this be?? Then I discovered I was not alone in waiting for GRRM – but that I was ahead of the series, so could keep dropping my son hints of what was going to happen next. Until he started watching by himself, to get away from me….
I am impatient to watch!!

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