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Samuel R. Delany Officially Becomes a Grand Master this Weekend Posted at 10:47 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

Science Fiction is about to have a new Grand Master. On May 17, Samuel R. Delany will attend the Nebula awards banquet and receive his title as 2013 Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master.

Open RoadThe Grand Master Award honors lifetime achievement, and Delany is excited, humbled, and a bit bemused, to be so named. “You don’t walk around saying, ‘Well, I’m Grand Master….’” he smiles. “Although you’re tempted sometimes!”

Open Road Media has a great selection of books by Delany and they also publish over a dozen Nebula Award winners, nominees, and Grand Masters, spanning the award’s 49-year history.


Glenn   |   15 May 2014 @ 16:21

About time. It’s long overdue.

daxxh   |   15 May 2014 @ 22:39


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