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Clarkesworld: Chinese Science Fiction Translation Project Posted at 9:18 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

There’s a whole world of great science fiction published in other languages. Help us translate and publish them in Clarkesworld!

I heard about the Clarkesworld KickStarter project on The Coode Street Podcast and was reminded of it by SF Signal this morning.  Clarkesworld is seeking funding to make translated fiction a part of every issue going forward.  Thev’re reached their initial goal already so the Chinese fiction is a go.  Now they’re stretching out to add fiction from other countries as well so they still need more funds.  Check out their Kickstarter page for full details and to pledge!



Rhondak101   |   18 Sep 2014 @ 08:09

This is very cool. I’m very excited at the prospect.

Dave Post   |   19 Sep 2014 @ 07:56

I’ve always wondered what Chinese SF is like. It’s apparently a hugely popular genre there. Can’t wait to get a taste!

Rhondak101   |   23 Sep 2014 @ 08:39

Just pledged my money. I’m looking forward to the rewards AND seeing what more Clarkesworld can do with the overage.

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