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Openings: The January Dancer by Michael Flynn Posted at 9:46 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

January Dancer by Michael FlynnThe January Dancer
by Michael Flynn
Spiral Arm:  Book 1
Tor – 2008

Everything in the universe is older than it seems. Blame Einstein for that. We see what a thing was when the light left it, and that was long ago. Nothing in the night sky is contemporary, not to us, not to one another. Ancient stars exploded into ruin before their sparkle ever caught our eyes; those glimpsed in glowing “nurseries” were crones before we witnessed their birth. Everything we marvel at is already gone.

Yet, light rays go out forever, so that everything grown old and decayed retains somewhere the appearance of its youth. The universe is full of ghosts.

But images are light, and light is energy, and energy is matter; and matter is real. So image and reality are the same thing, after all. Blame Einstein for that, as well.


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Emil   |   13 Jan 2015 @ 02:07

Brilliant! Ordered.

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