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2014 Nebula Award Winner! Posted at 11:31 PM by Dave Post

Dave Post

AnnihilationNebula AwardsThe 2014 Nebula Awards were presented June 4, 2015 in a ceremony at  SFWA’s 50th Annual Nebula Awards Weekend, in Chicago. The best novel winner is Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer.

Our congrats to Jeff and all the other nominees.

Locus has the full list of winners in all categories.

Annihilation has 63 reads on WWEnd and is rated a healthy 3.715 stars out of 5 and we’ve got a dozen reviews for you to check out.  Are you one of those readers/reviewers?  What do you think of this result?


Stephen Poltz   |   07 Jun 2015 @ 11:10

I’m kind of surprised by this. I liked “The Goblin Emperor” was a much better, but these two are the only nominees I’ve read. I really liked the Lovecraftian horror and the backstory of the main character, but thought the prose felt forced. It was not an easy read.

daxxh   |   07 Jun 2015 @ 12:39

Annihilation was my pick to win! The imagery and the mood were very strong in this book. It is not a book to read alone on a dark and stormy night.

I have read all the nominees, and I would put them in this order – Annihilation, Ancillary Sword, The Three Body Problem, Trial by Fire, Coming Home, The Goblin Emperor. (I seem to one of very few who didn’t like The Goblin Emperor.)

This year’s nominee list was a good one, as was last year’s. I think my faith in Nebulas is slowly being restored.

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