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2015 Hugo Award Winner! Posted at 12:38 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

The 2015 Hugo Awards have been announced at Worldcon 2015 – “Sasquan” The 73rd World Science Fiction Convention in Spokane, Washington. In the Best Novel category the winner is:

The Three-Body Problem



Our congrats to Cixin Liu and all the finalists. You can see the complete list of winners in all categories over at Locus.

There were fewer winners this year than in past years because assholes but it was still a nice ceremony. Thanks to the organizers for making the live stream happen.


Emil   |   23 Aug 2015 @ 06:06

It was always a good contender once it made the ballot! With Ancillary Sword the two outstanding entries and well-deserved. A nod towards embracing diversity in a very diverse genre! Let’s reward good books instead of what assholes consider to be good politics.

Stephen P   |   23 Aug 2015 @ 08:40

I love the irony! I’ve been looking forward to reading this book. Now the wait for the long list of holds at the library to thin down…

Buck Ward   |   23 Aug 2015 @ 08:41

There were fewer winners this year than in past years because why?

Dave Post   |   23 Aug 2015 @ 10:58

@Buck Ward: In response to the assholes who tried to ruin the Hugos voters rallied to cast “No Award” votes to block them. 5 categories went to No Award.

Allie   |   23 Aug 2015 @ 11:01

Short/simplified answer sans politics: The nominations were largely controlled by a small group of people who bloc-voted a slate (not against the letter of the rules, but certainly against the spirit). Many other people disliked the gaming of the Hugos and opposed the bloc-voting. If you want the politics, I would recommend the coverage in George R. R. Martin’s Not a Blog.

Anyway, congrats to the winners! Three-Body Problem was pretty good, though I had some issues with the end. I’m looking forward to the sequel! @Emil I also loved Ancillary Sword and can’t wait for the next one! I’m also really surprised and pleased that Orphan Black won short dramatic presentation, since it’s an amazing show.

bleebs   |   25 Aug 2015 @ 00:13

excellent, well-researched piece on the controversy:

Buck Ward   |   25 Aug 2015 @ 19:08

Thanks for the link, bleebs. I had no idea.

Stephen P   |   26 Aug 2015 @ 06:02

That’s a really good article. I discovered it myself yesterday. It’s also interesting to see the full voting results on the hugo website. They show the votes for each place (2nd, 3rd, etc).

Trent Gluszek   |   31 Aug 2015 @ 14:51

No, the institution of the Hugos is certainly stronger than that, and the No Award votes were appropriate. Remember that this isn t some fictitious Social Justice Warriors anti-troll cabal acting against Beale and the rest of the Puppies.

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