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SpaceX: “The Falcon has landed” | Recap of Falcon 9 launch and landing Posted at 6:11 PM by Dave Post

Dave Post

Because this is still amazing.


Jack Nimersheim   |   28 Jan 2016 @ 03:04

My son took an internship at SpaceX in 2008, while he was an engineering student at the University of Cincinnati, and was hired on full-time when he graduated, the following year. It’s an amazing company…having grown from about 350 employees, when Jason first went out there, to around 5000, today.

He grew up an SF “brat”, making the rounds of SF conventions, including several WorldCons, with his dad. I’d like to think all those years hanging out with all those science “geeks” influenced the direction his life has taken. He’s helped make possible the future I could only imagine and write about. And that’s really kewl!

So, yeah, I agree. It’s still amazing.

Dave Post   |   28 Jan 2016 @ 08:28

@Jack: That’s a great story and good on your boy for landing with such a great company. I’ll bet there are many SF geeks at SpaceX. SF and science seem to have a mutual attraction.

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