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Blade Runner 2049 Trailer! Posted at 4:43 PM by Dave Post

Dave Post

Man, I really hope this is as good as it looks.


Ed Rybicki   |   20 Dec 2016 @ 01:53

Oh, I am so looking forward to this…Blade Runner is still my dystopian standard, to which I compare all others.

Glenn   |   20 Dec 2016 @ 03:05

Ah, the power of video tape. This one bombed at the box office. We wanted happy that year. But with VHS, this movie not only found it’s audience, it found it’s standing as one of the great.

If the new pushes SF as much as the old, that will be a rare feat. Here’s hoping.

Garrett C.   |   21 Dec 2016 @ 01:54

I’m ready for this I hope.

Emil   |   21 Dec 2016 @ 11:10

What? No Rutger Hauer?

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