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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets: Trailer 2 Posted at 11:19 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

This looks like a whole truckload of fun. Some really excellent special effects on display and the colors are amazing. I hope the story holds up.


Scott Laz   |   29 Mar 2017 @ 18:56

I’m glad to learn about this. I just recently started reading the comics this is based on (the series began around 1970), and didn’t know a film was in the works! There’s a lot of cinematic potential in these stories, which are a about a pair of “spatio-temporal agents” who travel the galaxy (and through time) on various missions, with new planets, cool aliens, and a mash-up of science fictional ideas in each story.

Deven Science   |   29 Mar 2017 @ 21:58

I’m actually quite excited for this movie. Looks like fun in the vein of The Fifth Element.

Glenn   |   30 Mar 2017 @ 01:05

When you consider the source material and then consider the director, the signs look good.

Dave Post   |   30 Mar 2017 @ 10:53

It’s certainly going to be gorgeous to look at and I’ve always loved The Fifth Element so I am excited. Good to know that the source material is worth the effort. Fingers crossed.

mumarbhutta   |   08 Apr 2017 @ 04:08

I agree with Dave regarding the Valerian movie being a truck load of fun. The comicbook is a lot of fun as well. I suggest reading ‘Valerian: The Empire of a Thousand Planets’ before watching the movie.

The good thing is that Luc Besson is a smart man because he is making the movie in English which will give the movie a worldwide audience.

I have written an article regarding this as well.

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