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MARVEL / NETFLIX SERIES All Comic Con Trailers: The Defenders, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist Posted at 9:19 PM by Dave Post

Dave Post

I think the Marvel/Netflix combination is just freakin’ genius! Love Daredevil and Jessica Jones and now we’re getting Luke Cage AND Defenders?! Hell yes. Iron fist? Don’t know anything about that one but I’m willing to bet it’s going to be good too. Luke’s gonna get his hallway battle scene to match Daredevil and Punisher and I’m just stoked. So much binging in my future. Let the cross-over madness begin!

The LEGO Batman Movie Official Comic-Con Trailer Posted at 8:51 PM by Dave Post

Dave Post

I loved the Lego Movie and a big part of that was Will Arnett’s Batman. Here we get all the Will Arnett we could want and it looks pretty good. Just pretty good. Some funny bits for sure but it still left me a little “meh” overall. Showed my 11 year old daughter and she really wanted to like it too but I could tell she was struggling to get into it. Still, moments like “Does Batman live in Bruce Wayne’s basement? No, Bruce Wayne lives in Batman’s attic.” give me hope. Perhaps the next trailer will give us more. What do you think?

Blair Witch Official Comic-Con Trailer 1 Posted at 8:29 PM by Dave Post

Dave Post

Hot young people out in the woods looking for answers? Check. Enough shaky cam and flashing lights to put down an epileptic? Check. A baker’s dozen “BWAAAAs” and a montage of trailing screams? Check. “We’ve been walking in circles!”? Check. Etsy willow folk art? Check. A trailer that shows pretty much the whole damn film? Check.  Meh, I’ll wait for it to come out on cable.  You?

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Official Comic-Con Trailer Posted at 8:13 PM by Dave Post

Dave Post

Guy Ritchie takes on King Arthur? Well, it’s going to be action packed at least. But honestly, if you can’t find some reason to want to see this you just don’t like having fun. It’s got a shit-ton of actors you know in it. Take a look at the full cast on IMDB.  We’re talking Jude Law (legend), Djimon Hounsou (awesome), Eric Bana (no complaints, really), Annabelle Wallis (no idea but she’s hotter than a $2 pistol), Charlie Hunnam (Pacific Rim?  OK.), and, get this, David fucking Beckham.  I’m not kidding!  Old Golden Balls himself is in this.  This being a Guy Ritchie film you know he’s going to kick a dude’s severed head into a basket or some such.  That scene alone is worth the price of admission.  And I don’t give a fig for story accuracy here.  Le Mort d’Arthur this ain’t.  How ’bout you?

Kong: Skull Island Official Comic-Con Trailer Posted at 7:52 PM by Dave Post

Dave Post

Why another Kong movie? Because money. And Tom Hiddleston is not in enough damn movies already. Apparently. Upside? John fucking Goodman is in this and I just love that guy! And the special effects should be streets ahead of Peter Jackson’s Kong — even though they didn’t show Kong’s face in this trailer. My only question is: Did they get Andy Serkis to do the monkey shines? What do you think? More Kong good or more Kong bad?

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Official Comic-Con Trailer Posted at 7:16 PM by Dave Post

Dave Post

Harry Potter in America? You bet. Some nice touch-points with the music and overall feel to the Harry Potter films but they’re going to be giving us something new too it seems. I’m sure they spared no expense here and it certainly looks it. High hopes. You?

Justice League Official Comic-Con Trailer Posted at 7:02 PM by Dave Post

Dave Post

So, I didn’t make it to ComicCon and I figure some of you didn’t either so today is Trailer Park Day on WWEnd. We’re going to post all the new trailers we can find. So sit back and binge with us.

I like the look of this one. More Wonder Woman is good as I’m sold on Gal Gadot and it’s nice to get a look at how they’re treating Aquaman. I’m in the Robot Chicken camp when it comes to Aquaman so they’re going to have to work really hard to make him bad-ass before I get into the character. I have to say Khal Drogo looks pretty cool here. Flash could be cool too but I have no idea about the cyborg guy. What say you?

That Wonder Woman Comic-Con Trailer Posted at 4:06 PM by Rico Simpkins


When it comes to gender balanced science fiction, small and international market producers have been killing mainstream networks and studios. At least, in my view, Netflix hit it out of the ballpark with Jessica Jones as Canada’s Bell Media did with Orphan Black. On the other side of the spectrum, we have major network and studio productions, like Supergirl and Ghostbusters.  Which will Wonder Woman be?  I’ve been a bit nervous about it, but this looks like it could be the real deal:

American Gods Teaser Trailer Posted at 10:10 PM by Dave Post

Dave Post

I don’t think this is a particularly good trailer but it’s looks pretty decent. The guy they got for Shadow, Ricky Whittle, looks the part and you can’t beat Ian McShane. Lacking a bit in the excitement department for me but I enjoyed the book so I’ll hold out hope that Starz can pull off what I was hoping would come from HBO. What do you think?

The Girl With All The Gifts – Official Trailer Posted at 11:28 PM by Dave Post

Dave Post

I read the start of The Girl With All the Gifts by M. R. Carey and quite liked it but for some reason I set it down and never got back to it. After seeing this trailer I think I’ll have to pick it up again. This looks really intense.