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Ghost in the Shell | Trailer #1 Posted at 4:48 PM by Dave Post

Dave Post

Huge fan of the anime and I have my reservations about this adaptation – including the white-washing – but I have to say this looks really cool. Why no purple hair though?

WONDER WOMAN – Official Trailer Posted at 12:58 PM by Dave Post

Dave Post

There was a time when I thought Hollywood couldn’t make a Wonder Woman movie without messing it up. I always thought it would veer into the cheese right away or they would just sex her up too much to be of any interest. I don’t think I need fear that anymore. This looks right on the money to me.

A Stranger Things Christmas Posted at 11:40 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

This is just a bit of genius.

Logan | Official Trailer Posted at 10:10 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

Logan has seen some shit and it has taken it’s toll on him.  I really like where they’re going with this.  Long-term consequences are not often portrayed in superhero movies.  Here we’re going to see just what years of superhero-ing can do to a man.  I’m wondering if his healing powers are on the wane with all those scars on display.  And the Professor does not look too good either.  They both look rode hard and put up wet and the Johnny Cash song plays perfectly to emphasize the decay and remorse. Can’t wait.

Passengers – International Trailer Posted at 11:54 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

Every once in awhile a new SF film like this just seems to sneak up on you out of the blue. How the hype machine did not bring this to my attention earlier is a mystery but I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised. Pratt and Lawrence are two of the biggest names in Hollywood and I like them both and the special effects look superb. And yeah, something going wrong with hyper-sleep is a classic trope but at least it’s not a remake.

Arrival Trailer #1 Posted at 11:31 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

Arrival is based on Ted Chiang’s novella Story of Your Life and it looks pretty damn good to me.  Finally an original SF movie that’s from a big name author rather than a franchise retread.  This is what we always talk about wanting when yet another Star Wars movie or unfortunate remake of an old classic like The Day the Earth Stood Still fails to impress.  I hope it’s good.  What do you think?

Hidden Figures – Official Trailer Posted at 4:21 PM by Dave Post

Dave Post

I liked Taraji P. Henson in Person of Interest and she seems eminently likable here as well. I hope they do the story — and the real life ladies — justice. It looks maybe a little too light and I don’t care for the title but perhaps we’ll get a better feel when the next trailer comes out. Of course, I’m a sucker for anything NASA and this is a part of NASA I don’t know about so I’m in. What do you think?

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer Posted at 10:03 PM by Dave Post

Dave Post

This is the best looking Star Wars trailer I’ve seen yet. High hopes yet again. Will it be a let down… yet again?

Marvel’s LUKE CAGE Season 1 TRAILER Posted at 9:19 PM by Dave Post

Dave Post

Man.  This looks so damn good.  I’m gonna binge watch this one!

Where No Streaming Service Has Gone Before Posted at 10:34 PM by Rico Simpkins


CBS will be going all Netflixy with the Star Trek universe: