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Jim Butcher on Sword & Laser Posted at 9:48 AM by Jonathan McDonald


I’m one of the many fans impatiently waiting for the release of Jim Butcher’s 14th Dresden Files novel, Cold Days. The YouTube genre show “Sword & Laser” recently featured Butcher’s work in an episode, including an extended interview with Butcher himself. He doesn’t spoil much about the new book, but he does tease the “apocalyptic trilogy” he plans to write to close out the series in the near future. Check it out:

The Dresden Files Posted at 9:42 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

The Dresden Files

OK, now that just looks cool.  I love a great cover series and these are very nice indeed even if they are a bit repetitive.  Harry Dresden looks a bit more of a bad-ass on these covers than he did in the TV series but I do kind of miss the hockey stick.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out the we’ve got the entire Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher up now so all you guys that keep telling me I’ve got to read these books can go and tag ’em.  Storm Front is next on my list.

Also, for you Butcher fans, we’ve just added a ton of video clips to his author page.  If you’ve never heard him speak you should check these out.  He’s a very entertaining speaker and he answers a lot of questions about Dresden and his other works.