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Recent Additions: A Trilogy of Trilogies Posted at 1:02 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

The PhysiognomyMemorandaThe Beyond

In past weeks we’ve been seeing a lot of big series coming into WWEnd with The Grand Tour, Discworld and  The Dragon Knight counted among them.  This week the magic number is three.  Three for trilogy.  We’ve added 22 new books to the WWEnd database completing nine trilogies.

Let’s start with The Well-Built City Trilogy by Jeffrey FordThe Physiognomy won the 1998 World Fantasy Award and to that we’ve added Memoranda and The Beyond in the reprint editions from Golden Gryphon Press.  The cover art for this edition is a superb triptych from artist John Picacio.  Very nice indeed.

Spider Robinson and wife Jeanne Robinson bring us The Stardance Trilogy with 1980 Locus SF Nominated Stardance and its 2 sequels Starseed and Starmind.

Gwyneth Jones‘ Aleutian Trilogy is complete with the addition of Phoenix Café to 1992 Clarke Nominated White Queen and 1994 BSFA and 1995 Clarke nominated North Wind.

Jeff Carlson‘s Plague Year Trilogy is now complete.  We already had the middle volume, 2008 PKD Nom Plague War, to which we added Plague Year and Plague Zone.  I’m feeling a bit woozy all of a sudden.

The Broken God, 1994 Clarke Nominee, is the first book of David Zindell‘s A Requiem for Homo Sapiens.  We’ve added The Wild and War in Heaven, books 2 and 3 respectively.

The Marathon Trilogy by D. Alexander Smith is all in with Marathon and Homecoming added either side of 1988 PKD Nom Rendezvous.  Never judge a book by its cover they say.  Well these covers are pretty bad ass so be sure to check them out anyway.  I love big spaceships.

We’ve finished out The Jewelfire Trilogy by Freda Warrington with The Sapphire Throne and The Obsidian Tower.  They join 2000 BFS Nominated The Amber Citadel.

The Grigori Trilogy by Storm Constantine is made up of Stalking Tender Prey,


1997 BFS Nominated Scenting Hallowed Blood and Stealing Sacred Fire.  Fallen angels live among us… interesting.

Last, but not least, we have The Minotaur Trilogy by Thomas Burnett Swann.  This trilogy is different from most in that for reasons unknown Mr. Swann wrote the stories backwards.  He started with book three 1967 Hugo Nominee Day of the Minotaur, then followed it with book two The Forest of Forever in 1971 and ended with book one Cry Silver Bells in 1977.  How’s that for confusing?



Weirdside   |   07 Dec 2009 @ 22:24

Again you guys find me fun sounding books! I think The Physognomy sounds spectacular!

Dave Post   |   07 Dec 2009 @ 23:06

Weirdside, I agree about The Physognomy. I’ve added it to my reading list. Of course, that’s a phrase that’s starting to ring hollow even to me now that my list has officially passed 60 books….

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