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Recent Additions – Locus Magazine 2009 Recommended Reading List Posted at 9:51 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

Locus Magazine - FebruaryThis week I took a break from the usual series updates to do a major addition to WWEnd, namely the Locus Magazine 2009 Recommended Reading List.  We’ve now got all the novels on the Locus list for you to review – 61 new books and over 40 new authors!

In case you’re not familiar with the list, it’s Locus’ annual run down of the books that they think merit your attention from the previous year – and this year’s list is a doozy!  You’ll be seeing many of these books on the short lists for the big awards this year, in fact several are already on the BSFA Short List, so add ’em to your reading list now before awards season starts in earnest.

And speaking of awards, now is the time for you to vote in the Locus Poll.  Anyone can vote but subscriber votes count double so if you’ve been thinking about subscribing, now is a great time to do it.  So now, without further ado, the list: 



Novels – Science Fiction

Novels – Fantasy

Young Adult Books

First Novels


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Dave Post   |   21 Feb 2010 @ 11:51

Four of the 6 books on the Nebula Final Ballot are on the Locus recommended list: The City and the City, Finch, The Windup Girl and Boneshaker. It’ll be interesting to see how many other award short lists compare to the Locus list.

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