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Bright of the Sky Free on Kindle Posted at 12:22 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

Bright of the SkyOver on the Pyr-o-mania blog Lou Anders has posted that Pyr is offering a FREE Kindle edition of Bright of the Sky, book 1 of Kay Kenyon’s The Entire and the Rose series.

Kay Kenyon’s brilliant sci-fantasy epic quartet, The Entire and the Rose, is now available in its entirety in hardcover, trade paperback, and Kindle-format ebook. And to celebrate, the first book in the series, Bright of the Sky, is now FREE on Kindle.

"[Bright of the Sky] knocked my socks off with its brilliant evocation of a quest through a parallel universe that has a strange river running through it. Unique in conception, like Larry Niven’s Ringworld, this is the beginning to what should be an amazing SF-Fantasy series.”   – Locus Online, Best of 2007

“Bright Of The Sky effortlessly blends science fiction concepts and world-building with fantasy story telling to create a unique and intriguing whole….Kay Kenyon has created a standout novel….I’m looking forward to the rest of series. 4 out of 5 stars.”

There does not appear to be a time limit on this but I suggest you get it now just in case.  Thanks Pyr.


Eric   |   26 Jul 2010 @ 12:30

"There does not appear to be a time limit on this but I suggest you get it now just in case."I second this advice. Freebies have a tendency to disappear without warning.

Wintermute   |   26 Jul 2010 @ 18:35

I refuse to get any electronic reader on account I want to build a library of physical books. This however is a new tactic that the evil e-reader is attempting to break through my wall of techno-stubbornness. I am caught off-guard and am intrigued. Hmm…

Dave Post   |   26 Jul 2010 @ 18:55

@Wintermute: I still prefer actual books myself but free is free and this is a series I’ve been looking at reading for some time. I’ve got the free Kindle app on my iPhone so I’m set. I’m sure Pyr won’t mind if you purchase a hard copy.

Dave Post   |   13 Aug 2010 @ 11:55

I finished Bright of the Sky and it’s really good. Will definitely read the rest of the series. Well played, Pyr. Your free taste has left me wanting more. This is the first novel I’ve read on my iPhone and I have mixed feelings on the experience. It was certainly convenient to have the book with me all the time as I got quite a bit of reading done during odd moments throughout the day. On the other hand so little text fits on the screen I had to scroll a ton and it was hard to guage where I was in the book. I’d like to try on a Kindle or iPad. I’m sure that would work better.

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