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2011 Arthur C. Clarke Award Winner Posted at 3:55 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

Zoo City

The 2011 Arthur C. Clarke Award winner has been announced at the SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival.  The winner is:

Zoo City by Lauren Beukes (Angry Robot).

Congratulations to Lauren and all the nominees!

Zoo City is certainly making a splash.  My Kindle tells me I’m 24% through it and I can already see why it’s been so popular.  What do you think of this result?  I know more than a few people around here are going to be mighty excited about this one.

Be sure to check out our 10 Questions – Lauren Beukes interview by Emil Jung.  She talks about her writing and about Zoo City in particular.





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Emil   |   28 Apr 2011 @ 03:21

"Mighty excited" am I indeed! I’m sad that "Zoo City" did not make the Hugo ballot, but winning the Clarke is great consolation. Hat tip too Lauren, and a proud South African moment. I dare say that she is the first South African author to win a Clarke. In true SAFA speak: "Lekker!"

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