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Grand Master Reading Challenge August Review Winner: Allie McCarn Posted at 12:35 PM by Dave Post

Dave Post

Grand Master Reading Challenge EmilThe August GMRC Review Poll is now closed and the winner is Allie McCarn (Allie) for her review of Man Plus by Frederik Pohl. Allie won the April contest for To Your Scattered Bodies Go by Philip José Farmer.

The August review poll was a close one with 3 members sitting on 10 votes: Allie, Emil and CharlesDee. This was the first time we had a tie at the end of voting so we needed a tie breaker. Enter jynnantonnyx. I told him of the problem and he said “Hey, I forgot to vote.” and voilà, we had our tie breaker.

Allie will receive a T-shirt, a GMRC button and a set of commemorative WWEnd Hugo Award bookmarks as well as her choice of book from the WWEnd bookshelf. All runners-up will be getting a button and a set of bookmarks for their efforts.

The GMRC just keeps on truckin’!  We’ve got 166 participants who have logged 603 books read and submitted 184 reviews.  Many thanks to all involved!


Jeremy F   |   23 Sep 2012 @ 19:25

Congratulations Allie (and the ties)!

Think we can break a 1000 books read? It would require a little higher than average each month but with people trying to finish up on time it seems possible…and pretty RAD!

allie   |   24 Sep 2012 @ 03:44

Wow, thanks! What a close month, there were a lot of great reviews :). It would be really cool if we could get over 1000 books read as a group. With 166 participants, it could happen!

Emil   |   24 Sep 2012 @ 05:15

Shot Allie, congratulations.

I think we can get to a 1000 reads. If each of the current 166 participants read another book per month till year-end, that’s another 498 reads. It seems doable!

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