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Women of Genre Fiction Reading Challenge: December Review Poll is Open! Posted at 9:50 PM by Dave Post

Dave Post

We posted eleven great reviews in the blog for December and it’s time to vote for your 3 favorites. As always, there are 3 prizes up for grabs. We’ll keep the poll open until January 20 so you’ll have time to read all the reviews.

This is the final review poll for the WoGF in what has been a fabulous year for reviews on WWEnd.  Our hats are off to all our members for so many quality reviews.  We threw down the gauntlet and you picked it up and slapped us smartly across the face with it.

General Stats After 12 Months:

Time Remaining: 0 days
Participants: 391
Books Read: 1,236
Books Reviewed: 679!

Thank you all for being a part of the Women of Genre Fiction Reading Challenge!  We’re extremely proud of how the challenge turned out and we’re still a little shocked that we got almost 400 people signed up.  Over 1,200 books by women authors read is nothing to sneeze at and we like to think, and are also a little afraid to think, that many of those women might not have gotten read without the challenge spurring you on to try some new authors.  And speaking of new authors, we added 127 new women authors to our database over the course of the year, all by member request, and some hundreds of their books to boot.  We moved the parity needle in the right direction as far as our data goes and we hope to continue that positive trend going into a new year.  The 679 reviews is just a stunning number but it’s more than just the quantity that we’re proud of.  The majority of those reviews have been top quality and our site is so much better for having them.

It was a tremendous pleasure being your host and we hope to see you all back for the 2014 challenge which we should be announcing on Tuesday.  Come back for the big unveiling and prepare to be amazed.  We can honestly say that nobody will be able to resist the new challenge theme.

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