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The Wil Wheaton Project premiers tonight on SyFy – “Imagine it Doesn’t Suck” Posted at 11:30 AM by Dave Post

Dave Post

I like Wil Wheaton’s brand of snark and so I find myself in the awkward position of promoting a show on the SyFy channel.  Has Hell indeed frozen over?  The Wil Wheaton Project premiers tonight at 10/9 central and he’s gonna riff on sci-fi and nerd culture and generally geek out about our favorite things.  It could be a train wreck like most things SyFy but it could be fun too.  I’m betting on Wil to make it work.  What do you think?

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Scott Laz   |   27 May 2014 @ 17:52

Well, “SyFy” is also showing signs of returning to “science fiction” with project like The Expanse, so maybe they deserve another chance…

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