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WONDER WOMAN – Official Trailer Posted at 12:58 PM by Dave Post

Dave Post

There was a time when I thought Hollywood couldn’t make a Wonder Woman movie without messing it up. I always thought it would veer into the cheese right away or they would just sex her up too much to be of any interest. I don’t think I need fear that anymore. This looks right on the money to me.

That Wonder Woman Comic-Con Trailer Posted at 4:06 PM by Rico Simpkins


When it comes to gender balanced science fiction, small and international market producers have been killing mainstream networks and studios. At least, in my view, Netflix hit it out of the ballpark with Jessica Jones as Canada’s Bell Media did with Orphan Black. On the other side of the spectrum, we have major network and studio productions, like Supergirl and Ghostbusters.  Which will Wonder Woman be?  I’ve been a bit nervous about it, but this looks like it could be the real deal: