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Grand Master Reading Challenge December Poll Results and Final Wrap Up Posted at 6:33 PM by Dave Post

Dave Post

Grand Master Reading Challenge

Scott LazerusThe December GMRC Review Poll is over and our winner is Scott Lazerus (Scott Laz) who actually tied himself in the voting for the 2 reviews he submitted: The End of Eternity by Isaac Asimov and Always Coming Home by Ursula K. Le Guin. Congrats to Scott for exiting the GMRC in style!

For his efforts, Scott has won a GMRC T-shirt, a GMRC button and a set of commemorative WWEnd Hugo Award bookmarks as well as his choice of book from the WWEnd bookshelf. All runners-up will receive a button and a set of bookmarks.

2012 GMRC Finishers:

Some Final GMRC Numbers

So, how did it all turn out? Fantastic! We had really great participation throughout the whole year and learned a lot about running a challenge – info that has already helped us improve on this year’s challenge. Here are the final stats and some thoughts on each:

Participants: 174
When we started the challenge we had no idea how many people would sign up. Our expectations ranged from 10 on the low end to 100 in our dreams. We would have been quite happy to hit somewhere in the middle so 174 was a nice surprise. Of the 174 readers 28 read the full 12 books with 17 members who completed the whole challenge by submitting the required 6 reviews (names in bold). Congrats to all our finishers!

Books Read: 737
Taking out the 46 people who signed up but didn’t read any books we end up with and average of 5.76 books read per challenge participant. The folks who did not finish the challenge accounted for 401 of the books read while those who did managed the other 336.  Not too bad, I’d say!

Books Reviewed: 230
This is my favorite stat of the bunch! WWEnd members really came through on this count and out of 230 reviews we featured 90 of the best in the WWEnd blog. Well done everyone!

So that’s the end of the 2012 WWEnd Grand Master Reading Challenge! I hope you all enjoyed the experience and the great books and we want to thank all our readers for making it such a success. We had a lot of fun, brought in a ton of great new members into our little community and far exceeded our expectations on every level. The success of the GMRC has put us in a really great position for the Women of Genre Fiction challenge this year too. Many of the same readers are back for a second go and early indications are good that we’ll blow past last year’s numbers across the board.

Happy reading everyone and thanks again for being on the ride with us!


Jeremy F   |   16 Jan 2013 @ 21:39

This makes me so happy. Thanks for the stats.

The SF was great, and the discussions and people here were tops! Many thanks to WWEnd and to everyone involved. I had so much fun!

JDowds   |   17 Jan 2013 @ 07:38

Killer, looking forward to what this means for this year’s challenge!

Emil   |   19 Jan 2013 @ 03:30

It was awesome. Thanks for a truly great experience. I managed to get in a few books that I always promised to read, plus managed to tick off some books across a few of the reading lists.
I had particular delight in Hothouse, The Listeners, Powers and Far Out, and am happy to have read The Languages of Poa and A Time of Changes. Even though Dragonquest wasn’t an overwhelming experience, it was a fun read anyway. And without the challenge I probably would never have read Harlan Ellison, which in itself was quite an eye-opening adventure.

I looking forward to similar experiences with the new challenge! Great work, fearless leader!

Scott Laz   |   22 Jan 2013 @ 22:29

Just when I thought I’d never win that darn t-shirt!

Thanks for organizing the challenge… lots of great reading and reviews all year long. Going back to the SF classics was a jolt of nostalgia for me, and most of the novels held up better than I would have thought…

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